maciej's bits

  • Latency woes and wins

    Increasing latency in modern interfaces is annoying & many people have been writing about it (Dan Luu, recent HN post). I’ve been particularly annoyed by some data visualization tools - I love exploring datasets, but quickly get annoyed if I have to wait for the output too long. Interactivity is super important to maintaining flow.

  • Bringing more party into your life since 2018

    Every so often I get the urge to build something that serves no real purpose other than being fun to build. This was one of these times.

  • Modern Python Workers Seizing Production - presentation

    I’ve recently given a lightning talk at the PyData Berlin Meetup about our tech stack for shipping Python workers in a modern way. Below are the slides.

  • The road to authoritarianism is full of bots

    As you might already know the Polish parliament, led by the so-called Law and Justice party, passed two extremely dangerous laws last week. They aim to make the judiciary effectively dependent on the ruling political party, destroying one of the most important checks and balances we have. Not only is this stupidly dangerous to democracy, since the Supreme Court overseeing the fairness of the electoral process is being wiped out, but it is also blatantly unconstitutional. The only reason “Law and Justice” can get away with it is because they have neutered the Constitutional Tribunal a couple of months back.

  • Bootstrapping training data, or free lunch

    A while ago our CTO, Russ, asked me about bootstraping some training data to play with one ML thing or other that he had in mind. The idea was to avoid the effort of manual labeling (he’s kind of lazy…) by coming up with a bunch of rules that would classify the data well enough to feed into a supervised training algorithm later.

  • I gave a talk at PyData Amsterdam

    I presented some things I’m doing at RainforestQA at PyData Amsterdam 2016. If you want to find out how to find lazy workers on microtask markets like Mechanical Turk and CrowdFlower, you can watch the whole thing here.